90 Day Challenge Champion for Man Up Boot Camp

The 90 Day Challenge Winner Is!!!!!!! “Carlene Anteau”   So  this Man Up Boot Camp 90day Challenge contestant said to me at the start of the challenge “I really need this Ed”.   Carlene came in 4th in the body fat part of the competition- 2.8% Body Fat Loss!!!!   She Came in 3rd overall in the […]


The OZ Effect Goes Terribly Wrong

 The Oz Effect Exposed Here In Two Videos

  Everyone should know by now i’m all about eating or drinking your nutrition and the only way to get the body you want is to exercise. Another words work for it nothing in free is ever worth it and 99% of the time has some sort of drawback in life. SO chose wisely and remember we are creatures of the earth so eat and drink what the earth gives us and not SHIT people in white coats can make. Now click on Both of these videos and Enjoy       


Senators Rip Dr Oz

Courtesy of ABC NEWS



Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:


Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements (HBO)